This procedure corrects upper and lower droopy eyelids, bags under the eyes by removing excess skin and fat pads from the eyelids. The incisions are not visible after the healing; on upper eyelids, incisions are placed on the fold and on the lower lids would be placed directly under the eyelashes. The recovery would be of about 10 days and the patient should avoid sun for about a month.

The lower eyelid Fat Pads or “Bags” are very common in the lower eyelids as we age, this bags are fat pads building that can be improved by an invisible incision under the eyelash or inside the lid.

is the development of ‘bags’, which are in most cases due to an outward bulging of the fat pads behind the lower lids. These ‘bags’ of fat can be improved by conservative removal through an invisible incision on the inside of the lower lid (trans-conjunctival approach) in patients that do not require skin excision, or through the under-eyelash (sub-ciliary approach) in patients that are having some excess lower lid skin removed.