Hyperbaric medicine, also known as hyperbaric oxygenation, is a treatment that is available in advanced medical centers. This type of therapy is administered in a special chamber where the patient breathes pure oxygen at high pressure, in order to cure or supplement conventional therapies in diseases having scientific evidence to support hyperbaric therapy.


First-line treatment in:

Scuba diving accidents
Gas embolism
Carbon monoxide and smoke intoxication
Diabetic foot
Slow-healing ulcers
Lesions caused by radiotherapy in cancer patients (skin, bone, mucous membranes)
Necrotizing infection on skin, fascia, muscle
Chronic osteomyelitis
Sudden deafness
Compromised grafts and flaps
Intestinal cystic pneumatosis

Complement for conventional therapy in other diseases:

Treatment-resistant migraine
Pyoderma gangrenosum
Esthetic and reconstructive surgery
Sports injuries
Neurologic diseases (brain hypoxia, spinal cord injuries, brain ischemia, cerebral palsy)
Infected prosthesis
Non-revascularizable peripheral arterial insufficiency


Faster healing or recovery
Less use of drugs, treatments and hospital stay
Avoids or reduces the level of amputations
Faster return to work and social life
Few contraindications and side effects with this therapy; these are well defined and easily controlled